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Bulk upload for multiple users is in the works but the RingCentral Dev team is not quite there yet. Soon you should be able to download a list of your unassigned DID lines pre-populated with the Service Web portal info ready to add your user details, then upload your finished file to onboard lots of users at once efficiently.


During our business cycle we have to either onboard or offboard folks and have a record of when it occurred, and which IT Service technicians were involved in the phone account reset. We have our own courier (we call the PONY) delivering devices between multiple regional sites daily.  Download our worksheet and customize to suit your organizational use.


Account Onboarding Offboarding Worksheet


Generic Basic Start Here Guide sent to Pre-Provisioned Users


Pre-Provisioning Users / Reassign Existing Role Account Extensions


Turn Off User Greeting (not voicemail)


User Troubleshooting Polycom VVX500 device



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