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Managing Enterprise Account (IVR) Auto-Attendant Configurations

We've created a basic How-To setup arrangement if your IT Department maintains a large number of IVRs for various sites and departments.   This setup requires a single dedicated phone line (for remote recordings submitted by sites) and associated email account for the routing detail submissions from sites.  Setting your system this way provides for centralized management of the IVRs with very little assistance from the IT Department staff.  read more...


Require Passcode to Leave Voicemail

"We use RingCentral so that Non-IT staff can leave a voicemail outside of our normal business hours when they experience a technical problem that requires IT help. In the past 12 months, we've received 13 calls to the extension set up for this purpose. However, 12 of those were spam calls.  So we woke up our staff to deal with a spam call.

Is there a way to require a caller to enter a code before being granted the ability to leave a message at an extension?"

Make an IVR and require some key presses to get to the mailbox like, "For after hours support press 1" then, "to leave a non-urgent message press 1, to leave an urgent message press 2"

This would require some human intervention and might help avoid the automated scam calls from getting to the mailbox at the end of the IVR. ---Thanks for this suggestion Brandon!

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