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FAQ Pre-provisioning RingCentral extensions with supported Polycom phones

We have thousands of users and pre-provision everyone's account before any handset leaves our office.

This bypasses the need for a user to get a "Welcome Email" (which our users were routinely ignoring or throwing away and then entering a Helpdesk ticket for activations) and answer questions etc. just to use their phone. This allows us to activate the user account using our own email address (multiple instances in the same account)

We set them up with:

1. a standard generic password,
2. standard generic security question and generic answer to that question, and
3. standard phone pin which is sent to them by email once their account is provisioned.
4. after the user account is activated in the Service Web portal, we switch their account to their own unique email address.

Then the phone is in full working order once it arrives at their site, and all they need do is plug it in.

Please contact your Customer Account Manager and request they assist you with this ability.

This will become an option coming in a future product release pretty soon.


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