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Problems for GLIP use at Enterprise level


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Glip Security Concerns




Glip - Prevent Changing Users' Names




Gllip Teams Admin



Our list of concerns for Enterprise use of Glip include:


Right arrow imageNo User Message Moderation by SuperAdmin is available


I have been told that Team Moderation is planned for first half of 2019 but no firm date yet, and no details for exactly which specific aspects of Glip will be available for moderation by Admins.



Right arrow image Need for SuperAdmin to restrict ability of any user's ability to send a Glip message to ALL USERS in the entire organization without moderation or Admin approval,


Right arrow imageNeed ability for SuperAdmin to control who can and cannot create Teams only as approved by SuperAdmin


Right arrow imageUsers can change their name in GLIP at will.  Basic users should not be able to edit and/or change their name as set by the SuperAdmin when the account was provisioned.  Name changes for RingCentral Users - across ALL RingCentral products should be by SuperAdmin only.


Right arrow imageFile Sharing is all or nothing -

Use case: thousands of users hit because one trusted user, accidentally or on purpose, sent an attachment to all staff --- calculate the labor overhead to clean that per incident.   Need ability for SuperAdmin to force any User-attachments to go through Enterprise Endpoint Protection/Virus Scan prior to delivery. Glip operates inside your network, needs to be compliant with Endpoint Virus and Malware scanning products


Glip Admin: Provide, or restrict access to specific features.





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