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Emergency Ringtone local to Polycom phones

for front office ring group emergency notification



We have a need to use this programming setup or something similar to it, for Emergency Notification to our front offices at 28 different sites in the event of a site-wide emergency..

Our requirement:

When a specific pre-designated extension is dialed - it will ring the 10 phones in the front office simultaneously with a distinctly alternative ring tone - to alert the front office staff there is an emergency situation (active shooter, weapon or bomb threat or whatever)


This will require some level of custom configuration by RingCentral Support, please contact your Customer Account Manager or your Technical Assistance Manager for facilitating this programming on the back-end system side.


Setup an extension dedicated for incoming calls from anywhere in your facility or also extenrally depending on your own requirements.  This will be your notification number in the event of a site-wide emergency situation.


Select an MP3 sound file for Emergency Ringtone association


Set the ringtone MP3 file on a public server share accessible by all phones in your system and let your Customer Service Manager or Technical Assistance Manager at RingCentral know the name of the file and the IP address of the server with the share name.


Set the pre-designated extension on each of the 10 front office phones as a "local Favorite" on each Polycom phone for the 10 users in the front office where the line will ring. .


In the Service Web portal , navigate to the newly created extension.


Set the call handling rule to ring all 10 phones simultaneously and choose a long ring duration ( 5 rings 30 seconds)



This is not the best way to handle it, but is working in our test bench trials.

Our concern is that if the phone loses registration or has any other firmware issue, it would have to have the "Favorite" re-added manually all over again. That is a lot of manually touching phones (about 280 of these) in front office locations.


Follow this page for updates on the testing and eventual implementation.


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