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User Feedback Requested for Embrava Blync Light Mini
Display User Name and Extension on Polycom phone
Pre-provisioning Users
2018-10-01 Disable unique email address requirement



October 2018


Using the new RingCentral Audit Logging Feature 

                                  Overview of RingCentral Audit Logging

Using the new Audit Logging feature in RingCentral's Service Web is a great tool for Admins when you have multiple account Administrators on one account. It details what changes were made by whom so troubleshooting "backwards" is efficient and easy.  The report renders quickly on screen and can also be downloaded for deeper analysis. More features and data sources are being integrated with the tool. This is just the first iteration.

One additional way we're using the Audit Logging tool is to review (as time permits) when users have locked themselves out of their accounts and proactively offer an assist before they submit a helpdesk ticket.  This is increasing our user satisfaction with RingCentral as our phone provider and cutting the stress load on the ticket system from folks who do not take the time to learn how to reset their own passwords through the tradition password reset channel. It's a win-win for the IT Department following the old adage. "A stitch in time saves nine!"



Automating IVR Management for Enterprises and Multiple Location Businesses


Managing Enterprise Account (IVR) Auto-Attendant Configurations

We've created a basic How-To setup arrangement if your IT Department maintains a large number of IVRs for various sites and departments.  


This setup requires a single dedicated phone line (for remote recordings submitted by sites) and associated email account for the routing detail submissions from sites.  This is a dedicated line only used for clips and we know when a ticket comes through to check for the matching "clip" ---  Then our IT department just uploads the sound clip to the IVR prompt library on the webportal.


Setting your system this way provides for centralized management of the IVRs with very little assistance from the IT Department staff.    read how...




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