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BLOG - February 2019  

Robocall Killer bill before the Senate:


A bipartisan bill introduced recently in the United States Senate would give the Federal Communications Commission broader authority to track down, and take legal action, against businesses making robocalls. These are the unsolicited, automated calls you often receive which deliver a pre-recorded message, and which have been frequently linked to scams and acts of fraud against call recipients.
The Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence (TRACED) Act comes amid reports estimating that the number of these nuisance calls will grow from 29 percent of all phone calls in 2018 to 45 percent of all calls this year.
While the federal legislation will aid in deterring robocallers and prosecuting those who make them, it will still be important to use technology—and good judgement—to protect yourself. Here are a few tips to help keep robocallers at bay.
The most effective remedy is to not share your phone number with anyone you do not know, and don’t answer calls from numbers you don’t recognize. If you do answer, don’t respond to any invitations to press a number to opt out. That will merely verify that yours is a working number and make you a target for more calls. Simply hang up instead.
Both iPhone and Android smartphones allow you to block calls and texts to prevent certain numbers from getting through, although this only works after you’ve received the initial call.
On iPhones, tap the green phone icon on your home screen, select the “Recents” tab on the bottom of the screen, then tap the blue “I” information icon next to the phone number you want to block. Scroll to select “Block This Caller.”
For Android phones, the method for blocking calls will vary depending on your specific device and the version of the software you are using. Generally, you will be able to do this from your call log by selecting the number you want to block, then hitting “More” or the 3-dot menu icon and choosing “Block Number” or “Add to Reject List.” Keep in mind, this will not block the callers from reaching you; instead, it will send them directly to voicemail.
Smartphone users can also consider downloading an app like Truecaller, RoboKiller, or Hiya, which can help identify legitimate callers and block out those that are not.
Finally, list your phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry. While this will not prevent unscrupulous callers from contacting you, it will help to limit the number you receive. This is an especially important step for flip phone users, as these models do not include call blocking options or app capabilities as smartphones do.
Also, if your number is on the registry and you do get unwanted calls, report them. This can help expose and catch callers who are engaging in fraud.







In case you are a RingCentral Administrator responsible for troublesooting your network issues for QOS or other reasons, PingPlotter - one of the recommended tools for this process with your RingCentral installation


Upcoming Changes to PingPlotter Professional's Pricing

Since PingPlotter Professional released in 2005, we've made significant improvements to the tool’s versatility and power. We’ve brought PingPlotter to multiple new platforms, implemented hundreds of time-saving and useful additions, and vastly improved how the software runs under the hood.

All the while, PingPlotter Professional has remained the same price as when it launched almost 15 years ago.

To better reflect the PingPlotter of today, we will be adjusting Professional’s price in early February. Here’s what that change will look like:

Perpetual License: $349
Subscription: $29

You can learn more about the details of the change and how it affects things like maintenance, upgrades, and volume pricing here.

By purchasing now, you can take advantage of the next year of updates, priority support, and other benefits before the price adjustments take effect.



Android version RingCentral Phone released 11-09-2018

This version restores the ability to use with Bluetooth headsets on Verizon phones, however you cannot answer the call or hang up the call using the headset buttons.


Caller ID - not populating properly


Has any one noticed a change in incoming caller ID in the last couple days? I have users that have noticed that the caller ID is not showing up for numbers that have previously called in with a name. They are now only seeing the number.



Tier 3: It's a known issue that will be fixed in an upcoming release which I believe should finish at the end of December (since they're pushed by PODs).  Include/mention JIRA RLZ-31188 in your case!


e911 icon imageEmergency Ringtone local to Polycom phones

                           for front office ring group emergency notification


Lookup the IP Address of a phone on your network via ARP table lookup


Why would I use this?

When  you have to get into the device web management interface, you need the IP Address to login to the device.


You can scan your ARP tables for the assignments and get a txt dump of that.  What we were asking for was a "live read" of what address is associated to device Mac address via RingCentral.  This was discussed during our training class a few days ago at the Ringcentral ConnectCentral Conference in San Francisco.  Their suggestion was for now, use the ARP tables from your switch network and manually locate the info by doing a "find" on the Mac Address you are seeking.



RingCentral HeadsUpDisplay Headset crackly sound quality

User reports crackly sound quality when using bluetooth headset with RingCentral HeadsUpDisplay

Troubleshooting steps to review

After you have verified it is not a Network-wide QOS issue


Change to a different port in the same room

Verify that ethernet cable to phone is the plugged directly into the wallport,

If no additional wall ports are available, the computer network cable must be used via the additional PC/LAN port on the back on the phone

Replace ethernet cable between wall port and phone

Replace ethernet cable between phone and computer

Cabling changes image

(click to enlarge diagram)



RingCentral Introduces new Glip Administration App for Admins





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