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UPDATE::: 2019-06-10  had a long teleconference with some of the RingCentral Mobile App team at RingCentral yesterday.  

It would seem the communications about transitioning to one unified app did not make it clear enough for a lot of us to know the Mobile App is still in development and they are looking for what changes to the Mobile App can align best with use for all their customer base, including 
 Enterprise Security needs.   Stay Tuned for further info.



RingCentral Software: If it ain't broke, don't fix it

May 2019 - Recently RingCentral is pushing announcements they are discontinuing two of their stable software packages and forcing their entire customer base into using one unified app. The new app does not provide the same functionality which were in RingCentral Mobile and RingCentral Desktop for Windows with HeadsUpDisplay.

The new app based on the core product formerly named "Glip" does not offer adequate Enterprise Security options, including
*Mandatory virus scanning for attachments
*Capability for admin moderation of member messages,
*Admin ability to limit attchments is "all or nothing"
*Admins cannot limit who may message "all members" in an organization.
*Admins cannot limit who may create message groups or populate message groups
*Many public entities require Message logging and preservation for legal cases.

The RingCentral Mobile phone app and the RingCentral Desktop for Windows with HeadsUpDisplay are being discontinued.

This is particularly problematic for many customers who use the Destkop HeadsUpDisplay to manage and monitor their phone system traffic, this will not be a feature in the new renamed Glip app.

Despite comments and objections from a large number of users, RingCentral is forging ahead with this plan and not giving customers a specific date for when this forced change will be implemented. This opens the way for other VOIP vendors to step up and offer better customer responsiveness and engineering solutions that work for their customer base.


I see this as very unfortunate for a company that has consistently led in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for years and it does not bode well for customers under long-term contracts with RingCentral.









RingCentral HeadsUpDisplay Headset crackly sound quality

User reports crackly sound quality when using bluetooth headset with RingCentral HeadsUpDisplay

Troubleshooting steps to review

After you have verified it is not a Network-wide QOS issue


Change to a different port in the same room

Verify that ethernet cable to phone is the plugged directly into the wallport,

If no additional wall ports are available, the computer network cable must be used via the additional PC/LAN port on the back on the phone

Replace ethernet cable between wall port and phone

Replace ethernet cable between phone and computer

Cabling changes image

(click to enlarge diagram)




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